Pain and Tension

Treatment for pain, especially pain that persists, is most helpful when it is collaborative.

Think of your therapist as a tool in your pain toolbox, and build a collection to suit your needs and work with those who are willing to work toward your recovery goals.

Here are some other tools for your therapeutic toolbox.

Chronic Low Back Pain?

Download the Chronic Low Back Pain – So Your Back Hurts… brochure. The Institue of Health Economics, and Towards Optimal Practice, Alberta, have developed a brochure to help provide you and your health team with a better understanding of chronic … Read More

Learning to Roll with Flare-ups

  Dr. Bronnwyn Thompson provides pragmatic information on recognising and managing flare-ups, and has some cautionary words and sage advice for healthcare practitioners. “Identify your early warning signs Even though a flare-up can feel like it’s come from out of … Read More

Choosing Wisely Canada

Got Back Pain? How Do You Know if You Need That Test? Choosing Wisely Canada can help you, and the health care professionals you work with, make that decision. Choosing Wisely Canada started in April, 2014, and consists of a … Read More

On Well-Being

  Well-being, or feeling happy and in good health can sometimes be a challenge. Life has its ups and downs and stressful periods that can come with more general aches, pains and tensions. A flare-up of old symptoms can occur … Read More

On Injury and Rehabilitation

Injury can occur with day to day activity like a slip and fall, or from occasional or competitive sporting activities, an accident, or repetative motions over long periods of time. Minor injuries like sprains and strains are self-limiting and will … Read More

On Pain

Acute pain comes on suddenly and can be extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes there seems to be no good reason for it. Sometimes it comes on at the time of an injury, or it could be hours later. The good news is … Read More

Your Therapist is a Tool.

Now that I have your attention… Your therapist isn’t a tool in the urban dictionary sense of the word, which is basically the equivalent of an idiot. Your therapist is a tool in more of a “means to an end” … Read More

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