Back Pain Treatment at MOVE Pain Care


Low back pain can be acute and quite debilitating, and/or it can be chronic and ongoing. It's one of those symptoms that the majority of us will experience at one time or another in our lives. Fortunately for up to 95 percent of persons seen with low back pain (with or without leg symptoms), no specific pathology will be found and for most of us the pain will recede on its own or with some helpful treatment.

That treatment varies for each person and each presentation. In the absence of a specific pathology, low back pain can have many contributors and likely results from more than one of them.

At MOVE Pain Care, treatment for low back pain is focused on helping you get through an acute episode, or manage a chronic situation to resolve or decrease your pain and increase mobility and function3 4

Tricia will assess your symptoms to make sure you're not one of the very small percentage of people who might need further investigation.

You and Tricia will collaborate to create a plan that may include:
  • Manual therapy including soft-tissues and joints.
  • Information and modifications to help you remain active, or get back to activity without pain.
  • Movement-based activities to help interrupt muscle tension and pain during recovery.

Other Management Strategies

  • Continuing to remain active as the pain allows.
  • Increasing your activity slowly as pain decreases.
  • Modify work to allow you to continue or slowly increase hours.
  • Talk to your doctor if you need some help with pain.
  • Try some relaxation-based approaches.
    • These could include anything you find relaxing such as yoga or meditation, hot baths or showers, going for walks, or getting together (physically distant of course) with friends.

Once the pain or other symptoms are resolved, or you're in a place where you can manage them again think your therapist as one tool in your healthcare toolbox.