What Does it Mean To PACE Activity For Pain?


Dr. Bronnwyn Thompson outlines what the literature says about pacing and some ways in which it can be helpful.

“Pacing is an active self-management strategy whereby individuals develop self-efficacy through learning to balance time spent on activity and rest for the purpose of achieving increased function” (Jamieson-Lega, Berry & Brown, 2013, p. 209)."

"Key criteria for pacing, drawn from the literature by Jamieson-Lega, Berry & Brown (2013) show that pacing has five consistent attributes:

  1. Action – pacing involves intentional behaviour
  2. Time – pacing occurs over time and involves attending to time
  3. Balance – weighting activity and rest in accordance with intended outcomes
  4. Learning – pacing needs to be learned, it requires an effort
  5. Self-management – the process of using pacing involves independently integrating the practice once the skill has been developed."

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