Tricia Twogood

As your physiotherapist, Tricia is personally and professionally committed to helping you manage and resolve your physiotherapy related conditions. She has a treatment style that includes professional skills, active listening and empathy for her patients. She considers the whole person when she assesses and treats.

What to expect from physiotherapy:

Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy includes hands on assessment and treatment techniques. Tricia has obtained the highest level of training in manual therapy available to Canadian physiotherapists.

Therapeutic Exercise

Tricia has extensive training and experience in exercise prescription. After discussing your unique goals during your initial assessment, she will carefully select and teach you a few exercises aimed at restoring flexibility, strength, endurance and function. 


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as a modality to decrease pain. There is no additional cost for acupuncture. It is included in your regular treatment session fee. 


Both rigid and elastic tapes are utilized to enhance proprioception (body awareness), increase stability and reduce pain. Taping is most effective when combined with manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. 

Conditions physiotherapy can help with:


Pain can be stubborn and recurrent. Especially in the neck and lower back. Research supports a multimodal approach to manage these conditions including manual therapy, exercise and education related to pain. Wherever your pain is, Tricia will be able to assess, diagnose and develop a treatment plan to help get you back on track. If you have any questions about specific injuries or conditions, don't hesitate to contact Tricia to discuss whether physiotherapy is right for you.

Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Tricia has been working closely with orthopaedic surgeons for many years and believes strongly in open communication between the patient, surgeon and physiotherapist. Tricia has extensive experience with shoulder arthroscopy (rotator cuff repair, labral repair etc), knee arthroscopy (ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair/mensisectomy), elbow arthroscopy, fracture reconstruction surgeries and total joint replacements (knee, hip and shoulder) 

Sports Rehabilitation

Athletes have specific physical needs and issues. From the weekend warrior to the world level athlete, Tricia is well equipped to manage an athlete's specialized physiotherapy needs. 


Tricia has obtained specialized training in the Osteo-Circuit program and can design a comprehensive physiotherapy supervised exercise program that is safe for patients with low bone density or osteoporosis. 

Any other issue related to mobility

Although many people seeking physiotherapy are in pain, it doesn't have to be so. Even if you don't hurt but you want to get started on a new exercise program or activity and don't know where to start, a physiotherapy assessment can generate ideas to keep you feeling good and moving freely.