Tame The Beast – Rethinking Persistent Pain

Understanding pain means thinking about it a little differently than we're used to. Pain isn't something we can detect, it's an experience we have based on how we interpret a whole lot of different information. This video helps re-frame pain and asks some pertinent questions about how to change the experience.

How do I know if my pain system is being over protective?

If you have had pain for more than a few months then your pain system will be more efficient at producing pain. This is what happens over time – your system becomes more sensitive. It learns pain.

How can I retrain my pain system to be less protective?

There are actually many ways to retrain your pain system, and they all begin with understanding your pain.

How do I know if I'm safe to move?

Movement is the most critical pathway to recovery and it is almost always safe to move. Pain is a warning signal, so always get a health professional to check you over first.

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Tame The Beast: Time to Rethink Persistent Pain - Video