Reconceptualizing Back Pain with Prof. Sullivan.

Professor Peter O'Sullivan discusses some of the widely held myths about back pain. These myths have negatively impacted the perception and treatment of people with back pain. The video shows where we often go wrong with back pain treatment, and provides hope through the stories of those who have found a way forward.

"“In the western world, what we know is a lot of people with back pain have been offered surgery and opioid injection before they are offered high quality, non-interventional care,” says Professor O’Sullivan, a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist."

A large part of Professor O’Sullivan’s solution to back pain is education, empowering patients with clear, practical strategies to put them “back in charge of their lives”."  Read the whole article here - Scans, surgeries and opioids rarely the right answer for back pain

Reconceptualizing Back Pain with Prof. Peter O'Sullivan - Video