Mitigating Risks in a Pandemic

Whether you're at home with your bubble, or at work with colleagues, heading out to go shopping, attending a treatment, socially distancing with friends, or protesting the state of the world, it's important you mitigate the risks of catching and spreading the virus.

Posts that show up here will include clinic protocols, bubble protocols, and other studies or information that may be useful in helping you stay safe during this pandemic.

MOVE Pain Care Infection Control Protocols

Please find a synopsis of MOVE Pain Care’s Infection Control Protocols. The Building Please wear a mask when entering the building as it is a publicly shared indoor space. Sanitization stations are available on the hallway walls. Two-person maximum in … Read More

Welcome Back: MOVE Pain Care is Open

Hello All, MOVE Pain Care is open and will remain open during government mandated lockdowns due to an exemption for Registered Healthcare professionals. Slowly, Carefully The COVID pandemic is still ongoing, and Tricia is following all government advice. Tricia Twogood, … Read More