HST Changes for Osteopathy


Due to a recent review decision from the Federal Government, manual osteopathic services are now subject to HST. The Government’s decision can be found here.

HST (13%) = Fed. (5%) + Prov. (8%)

MOVE Pain Care will begin collecting HST for both manual osteopathic and massage therapy treatments as of October 1, 2020. Both service types provided by Monica Noy are affected because RMTs are currently also subject to HST and all eligible services are combined for income tax purposes. There are no changes to physiotherapy fees.

Fee Changes

Manual osteopathic and massage therapy treatment fees will not be raised from their current rates with one exception. As the main treatment option available at this time is 45 minutes, that fee has been raised by $1.19 to make the end charge an even $120.

Fee Breakdown


Current Price + Increase


Total With Tax

1 hour

$125 (no Increase)



45 min

$105 (1.19) = 106.19



30 min

$  80 (no increase)


$  90.40

If you have any questions, please email or call Monica.